how to install door trim moldingEared Architrave for Small Doors

This eared architrave (also called a shouldered architrave) is the same as DOOR TRIM-103, but is half the width to fit on smaller doors.

I thought it deserved its own pattern number and page, so here are some details and a few pictures of the installed version in our kitchen.

This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.]

How to Install an Eared Architrave Series

1.  How to Make an Eared Architrave Part 1: Materials inventory & prices and how to make the plinth blocks.

2.  How to Make an Eared Architrave Part 2: Layout and how to cut and put all 18 of the pieces together.

3.  How to Paint an Eared Architrave: I used this sequence to illustrate our main How to Paint Moldings page.

Molding & Millwork Inventory to Make this Door Surround

Half Bathroom Door

The ceiling is low over our half bathroom door to accommodate the AC/Heat ducting, so there was no room to do the full installation.

door trim molding diy

What I did instead is called a molding dissolve (read about molding dissolves here), and it’s a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with this kind of limitation.

door trim molding

I trimmed the top of the door trim to fit under the low ceiling.

easy door trim molding installation

The door to our guest bathroom.

Laundry Room Door

The laundry room door had two limiting factors that caused me to make adjustments to the scriber molding:

  1. The air vent over the door
  2. The refrigerator door clearance
easy door trim molding

I omitted the inner scriber on top of the door trim to give me clearance for the air vent.

Below  All I needed was about 1/2″ less total molding width so the fridge door would clear the plinth block on the right side.

To reduce the total width I simply omitted the scriber except at the ear portion of the architrave.

white painted molding

The only place I used a scriber (the small, flat portion) on this door trim is in the architrave ear.

Below  This simple plinth block gives the architrave a solid foundation to rest on and eases the transition between the large, ogee baseboard and the architrave molding.

plinth block

The simple plinth block is very easy to make.

The installation sequence for these two door surrounds is the same as DOOR TRIM-103.  The links to those installations are below.

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