Jennifer's Nest

My Nesting Material: Books, Not Just Moldings, from Tucson

By Jennifer To hear recent transplants talk, the only true safety in Tucson lies in retreat along the freeway to Vail or Marana, and the neighborhood where I grew up is a meth-crazed wasteland.  For me, part of nesting has…

Gratuitous Cat Posts

Calm Before the Storm of Saws

In a few minutes their peaceful, sun-drenched nap will abruptly end when I fire up the miter saw, then the table saw, then the air compressor and then finally the nail gun. I flash of guilt sweeps over me, and…

Architectural Quotes

Timeless or Timebound Architectural Principles

Buildings ought not to be conceived as objects of short-term consumption but of long-term use.  The principles which guide their design and construction must therefore transcend fashions and whims.  Paraphrasing Hannah Ahrendt, without buildings and towns transcending the life-span of…

Our Molding Makeover Updates

Half Bathroom Renovation Part 3: Ceiling Rosettes and Border Test Color

Lately we’ve been playing around with the ceiling rosettes and the accent border color dimensions in our half bathroom. And it’s a good thing, too, because this layout has helped us decide we want a larger rosette than the one…


Warning! is No Longer My Website!

I just discovered someone has purchased my old domain name,, and threw up a construction-related link farm in its place — apparently to capitalize on the reputation and traffic of that old blog. So please don’t think that web…

Architectural Ornaments

Nonce Orders. Why There’s a Lizard in the Architecture

This may be my only chance to seamlessly combine my two greatest passions — architectural detail and wildlife biology — into one post.  And do it without contrivance.