Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Keeping Track of Good & Bad Layout Lines

[This is part of our How to Install Moldings series.] The Problem I like to draw layout lines all over my walls before I ever install moldings.  Doing this helps me visualize the moldings I think I want before I…

Architectural Ornaments, Our Molding Makeover Updates

Test Painting A Ceiling Ornamment Gold

[This is part of our Our Molding Makeover.  See all updates here.] I thought I’d paint the center of this applique gold to see how it looks up against our blue ceiling border. Come take a look and tell me…


Craftsman Moldings & Crepes in Tucson’s Cafe Marcel

[This is part of The Joy of Craftsman Moldings series.] A Cafe Just Like Home Walking into this Craftsman style home in Tucson is like walking into my aunt’s 1923 Craftsman bungalow in Royal Oak, Michigan. Similar beautiful door and…

Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Test Paint to Find Molding Proportions

[This is part of our How to Install Moldings series.] Fill In the Blanks With Paint When you want to make absolutely sure you’ve got the right molding proportion — like the height of a wainscoting or the width of…

Architectural Ornaments

Architectural Ornament-7251

Acanthus Rosette, Rectngular Applique This applique would also look nice in the capitals of a door or window entablature.  The capitals of a fireplace mantel would be another great place.  The details you need to order this appliqe are right…

Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Making Two Pieces of Flat-Stock Flush With Each Other

Note: The tip is for those of us who don’t own a biscuit joiner. [This is part of our How to Install Moldings series and Our Molding Makeover Updates.] Here’s how I deal with a butt joint that won’t stay…

Architectural Ornaments

Architectural Ornament-9334

Violin & Lute, Ribbon & Frond Musical Instruments Applique This woodworking applique is perfect for the center of a door surround or fireplace mantel.  Here are the details you’ll need to order one for yourself. Applique Specifications