picture rail molding victorian styleOgee Picture Rail Molding

This is your classic ogee picture rail molding profile.

You will find it in Traditional, Victorian and Craftsman style historic homes.

With such broad use, it’s certain to fit right in on your walls at home.

 Be Persistent When Buying

When you stride into your local millwork store to buy a picture rail molding, don’t be surprised if the sales person behind the counter has no idea what you’re asking for.

No idea.  None.

If “picture rail” does not work for them, then try “picture hanger.”

If those terms don’t work, then just be persistent.  That store may not keep picture rail in stock, but one of their suppliers almost certainly does.  They will just have to dig through their supply catalogs.

Where to Buy Picture Rail Molding in Metro Detroit

If you live in SE Michigan and are looking for picture rail, then you are in luck.

Molding & Millwork Company, a regional wholesaler, sells a profile just like the one above, and you can pick it up at most any local lumber yard. The specs are below.

Price & Specs

  • Price Per Unit  c. $0.96/lf
  • Material  Poplar
  • Vendor  Local molding and millwork retailer or lumber yard.
  • Molding & Millwork Co. Item # 273L (pine)

 Patterns That Use This Molding




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