how to install diy pilaster column pedestal box

[This is part of our WAINSCOTING-109 Installation Series.]

How to Make the Pedestal Boxes

Making these boxes is so easy, and yet they add so much to the wainscoting after you’ve wrapped all the moldings around them.  You’ll see.

I’ll start by making the center pedestal box first.

how to build a column pedestal

Below  Don’t rely too heavily on the dimensions I give, because you may be using slightly different moldings or you could be using thicker mdf board.  Just use these dimensions as a sort of starting point for your own designs.

how to make column pedestal

Below  I made the necessary bevels on my mdf board and laid it all out on a sort of flat surface.

mdf moldings

Below  The exposed mdf “end grain” is nothing more than exposing the interior of this engineered material.

When you glue a beveled face like the one below, make sure you put enough glue on so that some of it soaks into that end grain and some stays on the surface.  Not too much though as you don’t want a total mess on your hands.  You’ll get the feel of it after a few tries.

wood glue for moldings

Below  Don’t just put glue on one of the surfaces, it must go on both for a solid bond.

how to install moldings

how to install moldings

Below  I nailed my beveled edges on with my 23 gauge pin nailer.

Below  Now all I need do is add some Liquid Nails to the backs of the sides and then nail it in place under the pilaster.

how to install moldings

finish trim carpenter

Below  The gap at the top will be covered with the bed molding.  The gap is there because I wanted to make my pedestals out of the material I had on hand, and this was the most height I could get out of it.  I know, I’m cheap that way.

how to install moldings

Below  The outside pedestals and plasters are dissolved into the corners.  See my post Molding Dissolves to learn a little more about them.

how to install moldings

Below  Install the left pedestal box.

senco nail gun

how to install moldings

This is the end of WAINSCOTING-109 Part III: Pedestal Boxes

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