crown molding for wainscoting

[This is part of our WAINSCOTING-109 Installation series.]

How to Install the Bed Molding Below the Rail Cap

If you remember reading Part I of this series, I couldn’t find a proper bed molding in town, so ended up having to modify an ogee crown.

I think it’s important to use a crown with a 45 degree spring angle for this treatment; anything less than that and you’ll loose the strength of this design.

I’m really happy with this larger bed molding profile, so ultimately I’m glad I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  Now let me show you how I wrapped it around the bottom of the wainscoting cap.

how to install moldings

All I did was rip the top half of the crown molding off and was left with a bed molding profile.

In hindsight, I’m glad I had to modify the crown because I ended up with a slightly larger bed molding profile than I would have had if they had the usual kind in stock.  I like this larger profile for the wainscoting cap.

how to install moldings

Below  Take a small piece of bed molding and mark how far down the molding drop is.

how to install moldings

Below  Then make a scribe block out of some scrap material that is the same dimension as your bed molding drop.

how to install moldings

Below  Scribe from one end to the other and all the way around the pedestal boxes.

how to install moldings
I look grumpy in these pictures. I’m really not grumpy at all.

Below  I start in the middle when I have moldings to wrap, and so that’s what I did here.

easy to install wainscoting

Then I made the wrap for the left pedestal.

easy to install wainscoting

Below  Don’t forget the glue.

easy to install wainscoting

wainscoting step by step tutorial

I’m using my 23 gauge micro pinner for the small pieces.  It shoots 1″ long needle-like pins.

senco nail gun

Below  Notice that slight gap between the top of the bed molding and the bottom of the rail cap.

I should have cut more of an angle off the crown when I ripped it on my table saw.

how to make a column and pedestal

Below  This is my standard technique for wrapping moldings around a projection like this pedestal box.

It’s best to make all three pieces of the wrap from the same piece of molding.

how to install interior home moldings

how to install wainscoting

how to cut molding

wainscoting step by step

how to install wainscoting step by step

easy to install moldings

With the bed molding wrapped around the top of the wainscoting I can install the baseboard.

how to install wainscoting on brick wall

This is the end of WAINSCOTING-109 Part 4: Wrapping the Bed Molding


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