window trim moldingsTraditional Style

All photos in this post were provided through the legendary generosity of my good friend, Greg Roth.

Here are the interior window surrounds in the Senate chamber on the second floor of Congress Hall.

They are a classical style called eared architraves, sometimes called shouldered or lugged architraves, and are very easy to make.

How to Make an Eared Architrave

In case you haven’t found my series showing you how to make this style window surround, then take a look at these posts:

window trim

Below  I think my desk at work deserves a treatment like this. And people should have to stand when I enter the room.

window trim moldings

Below  The plaster sunburst ceiling medallion includes thirteen stars representing the first thirteen colonies.

greek revival architecture

Thanks Greg

I’m very lucky because I have friends who, when they go on vacation, take pictures for me of the beautiful historic architectural details they see. This is a much better souvenir than a sea shell with a palm tree glued to it. Much better.

Thanks Greg for snapping these shots for The Joy of Moldings — while on your honeymoon no less!

Oakland County probate attorney

Attorney Greg Roth touring the Senate chamber in Congress Hall, Philadelphia.

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