window trim

[This is part of my WINDOW TRIM-102 series.]

Costs About $183.18 to Make

With the exception of the resin corbels, you can buy all the moldings and mdf board to make a window surround like this at your local lumber yard this weekend.

Here’s the full list.


1. CM-009 Crown Molding $14.24/8′ Stick

This is an mdf, pre-primed molding profile common in the molding & millwork section of your lumber yard.

More about CM-009 here >>

2. MDF-200 for the Entablature Fascia c. $2.30

This fascia is about 4″ wide. Rip the width you need from a full sheet of MDF-200.

More about MDF-200 here >>

3. CM-001 Bed Molding $11.60

You’ll need at least an 8′ long stick of this molding to allow you to make all your cuts from one piece.

More about CM-001 here >> 

Below  Take a close look at the picture below to see how I used small pieces of mdf-board to wrap the bed molding around. I left a small, square reveal called a fillet for extra detail.


4. MDF-200 Soffit c. $3.44

The depth of your soffit will depend on the corbels you choose for your design.

More about MDF-200 here >>

5. Corbel-002 (2 ea.) (special order) $115.60

More about Corbel-002 here >>

6. MDF-200 Pilasters c. $12.00

I made these two paneled pilasters in my usual way, by laying a frame of mdf frames on top of a core of mdf below.

The width of your pilasters is dependent on the width of the corbels that you use.

More about MDF-200 here >>

7. PM-004 Panel Molding (5 ea.) = $24.00

More about PM-004 here >>


Making the Pilaster Bases

The pilaster bases do not involve any additional material.

You create the pilaster bases by wrapping whatever baseboard you are using in the room around the pilaster bottoms. That’s all there is to it.

pilaster base


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