window trimTraditional Style

The moment I laid my eyes on these tall windows, I knew exactly what kind of surround I wanted to build around them.

And this corbeled entablature is the result.

The design might look familiar to you if you’ve already looked at my DOOR TRIM-115 pattern, which is a simplified version of this one.

But there’s another reason why it might be familiar to you.

Well, at least to those of you readers who’ve strolled the streets of Royal Oak, Michigan.

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Historic Inspiration c. 1927

My initial inspiration for this design came from a cast door surround on the historic Royal Oak Savings Bank on Main Street.

I’d walk or drive past it nearly every day on my way to the corner coffee shop, and hoped that someday I’d find the right door or window where I could make something similar out of my usual molding inventory.

door trim

The version I came up with for this room has the necessary design changes to make it fit the room, but the essence of that original door surround on the side of the historic bank is still evident.

window trim

I didn’t know it at the time, but when I was regularly passing this beautiful old building, a battle was being fought for its preservation.

It was the usual kind of battle between the usual kind of foes.

A developer wanted to tear down the bank and build a shiny new glass box devoid of character. But the people of the local historic society wanted to maintain their city’s architectural charm.

Both sides won. The developer got to build a sparkly high-rise but was required to incorporate the old bank building into the design.

I can live with that.

corbels brackets

Build Your Own Window Surround

This is an installation that I don’t have pictures of any longer. But I do have other installation sequences that are so close that I’m confident you can extrapolate from those installations to this one.

Hooded Entablature

To make the entablature with the corbels, you only need to read through this series: How to Build DOOR TRIM-115 for $19.91.

Paneled Pilasters

You can see how to make paneled pilasters like these here: How to Make PILASTER-103.

finish carpenter

Posts in this Series

1. Make WINDOW TRIM-102 for c. $183.18 Part 1

2. Make WINDOW TRIM-102 Part 2: Molding & Millwork Inventory