kitchen before

It gives me great joy to present the work of yet another one of my talented readers.

I give you, Winona!

Dear Ken,

I read your thanksgiving post from Aaron and I too am thankful for the instructions and confidence I gained from reading your posts.

I had an ugly dryer vent installed above my kitchen cabinets and decided to build up a crown on the cabinet to hide the vent.

I bought a nail gun (Paslode 18 g) and a 10″ miter saw from Amazon and then went to work.

I loved the results so much that I was inspired to trim out the pass through for the kitchen.  From there I then put trim on the ceiling, and painted the ceiling too!

My husband thought I was a bit crazy, but he stayed out of my way and even helped when I had to install the ceiling moldings.

Happy thanksgiving!

kitchen moldings

Winona did a wonderful job combining contemporary decor with traditional molding (my personal favorite combination).

For example, look at her acrylic chairs at the counter and her delicate pendant lights inside the kitchen — both beautifully framed by her archway surround. Bravo, Winona!

In the pictures below, see how she used an ogee crown molding over the cabinets to solve the problem of an exposed dryer duct.

cabinet crown molding

What a simple and elegant solution to her exposed dryer duct.

cabinte crown molding

Winona’s Ceiling Moldings

During the many years I’ve been helping people with their molding projects, I’ve noticed a common condition that runs through almost all of them: About the time people discover the joy of moldings is just after they have decorated their home to perfection.

They stand back to look at the beautiful room they’ve created and think to themselves, “something’s still missing.” And this before picture of Winona’s living room is a perfect example.

ceiling moldings

It’s already decorated beautifully: the sconces, the starfish, the neat little shelves and colors all pulled together.

ornate ceiling

But wow, look at how much more beautiful Winona’s existing room is with a few tastefully installed moldings!

painted ceiling

Winona, you are an inspiration to all of us.

Thank you so much for sharing your handy-work with everyone who reads The Joy of Moldings!