focal point foam moldingTraditional Style

Focal Point, the company that makes this foam molding, gives it the name Versailles Frieze.

And while you could certainly use it as a frieze on a crown molding or an entablature, I opted to use it as an ornate soffit in this crown molding buildup.

This foam molding is easy to work with. It’s not too hard to blend at the joints, its resolution is good, takes primer very well and is extremely light weight.

You can sometimes find this molding stocked at Home Depot. If yours does not stock it, then they can certainly order it for you.

Or, better yet, order it through your locally owned lumber yard.

Price & Specs

  • Price Per Unit  $23.30/8′ stick
  • Price Per Foot  $2.91
  • Material  High-density polyurethane
  • Manufacturer  Focal Point
  • Manufacturer’s Item # 25230
  • Dimensions  4-7/8″ wide X 5/8 thick
  • Pattern Repeat  11-1/4″


Patterns That Use This Molding