crown molding buildup

[This is part of my CROWN MOLDING-102 series.]

Apart from the compo rosette in the corners, I created this grand soffit crown molding with materials from…you guessed it, my local lumber yard’s regularly stocked molding inventory.

At a minimum, the materials to make this crown should cost about $7.50 per foot.

Here’s the full list:

1. CM-005 Upper Crown Molding c. $1.50/lf

More about CM-005 here >>

2. MDF-200 Soffit Fascia c. $0.22/lf

More about MDF-200 here >>

3. CA-008 Ornate Soffit c. $2.91/lf

This graceful scroll motif foam molding can be found at some of the big box home improvement stores. When splicing two pieces together, make sure you match the pattern at the splice.

More about CA-008 here >>

4. Compo Rosette Applique

I bought this rosette from The Decorators Supply Corp out of Chicago. I don’t have the item number any longer, and I couldn’t find this one on their website, so you’ll have to contact them directly, point them to this post, and ask for the specifics on this rosette.

Pricing on these depends on the quantity you buy, but I think they were about $15.00 each. Well worth it for such fine detail.

5. CM-008-1 Dentil Crown Molding c. $2.16/lf

More about CM-008-1 here >>

6. PM-008 Lower Detail c. $0.60/lf

This is the same ogee baseboard I use for the lower detail on many of my crown molding designs.

More about PM-008 here >>



MDF-300 c. $0.26/lf

These nailers are about 2″ wide. I ripped them from a full sheet of mdf.

You can build them 3″ wide to give you a little more surface area for the glue to adhere.

More about MDF-300 here >>

diy crown molding


Soffit Structure

MDF-200 c. $0.57/lf

This soffit is about 7″ wide. I ripped them down to size on my table saw.

The exact width of your soffit will be the sum of your reveals, dado depth and exposed soffit.

More about MDF-200 here >>

crown molding structure

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