crown molding

[This is part of my CROWN MOLDING-102 series.]

As with most things in life, you have to lay a solid foundation if you want a thing to last.

This crown molding installation is no different.

In this post I show you how I laid the foundation and assembled the soffit and fascia pieces.



Crown Molding Limiting Factors

This room only had this one limiting factor affecting the crown molding design — the air vent.

compo rosette

I couldn’t put the same old contractor-grade vent cover back on, so I modified the opening a bit and then installed one of my own creations.

You can see how I made VENT COVER-100 here >>

air vent

Below  Here I’m scribing the layout lines for the nailers and not any other part of the crown.

crown molding

Below  I used lots of Liquid Nails on the back of these nailers. Pressing each nailer against the ceiling and sliding it back and forth helps distribute the glue evenly.

I also did not shoot the brad nails straight into the ceiling. Rather, I shot them on an angle — two across from each other — and at opposite angles out away from their respective edge.

diy moldings

Nothing complicated here.

ceiling molding

Cutting a dado in the soffit fascia is pretty easy. You can buy a decent set of dado blades for about $70.00.

dado cut

I used wood glue in the dado instead of Liquid Nails because I wanted to make sure the piece that gets inserted in the dado sits firmly in the slot.

mdf board

One inch long 18 gauge brad nails did the trick here.

Before you shoot nails into the soffit fascia, check for square between the two pieces.

18 gauge nail gun

I waited until the next day before lifting the soffits up into position because I wanted to make sure the glue was completely cured.

crown molding


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