crown molding

[This is part of my CROWN MOLDING-102 series.]

Installing these large, flat-stock pieces of mdf so that they match nicely is an exercise in patience, for sure. But I know you can do it.

In this installation I mistakenly did not account for having to cope the inside corners, but found an easy work-around to fit them together nice and tight.

My fasteners of choice are no surprise, they are my usual combination of Liquid Nails and 18 gauge brad nails.



diy moldings

The difficulties I encountered on this part of the installation stemmed from my installing the fascia and soffit together as a single unit.

I could have installed them separately, and perhaps that would have been easier.

large crown molding

cope crown molding

Below  Fixing my failure to cope the corners in advance was an easy enough.

All I had to do was cut away the fascia section that caused the interference.

coping crown molding

mdf crown molding

Below  Now a small section of the soffit has to be cut away and so I scribe if for removal.

molding & millwork

mdf molding

Below  My trusty Porter Cable jig saw made quick work of the cut-away.

porter cable jig saw

mdf project

crown molding corner

Below  I didn’t have any pictures of the biscuits I used on these butt joints. But I did. The biscuits might have been overkill, but I tend to err on the side of overkill anyway.

diy large crown molding

Below  I didn’t want to take the slightest chance of these two mating surfaces being uneven, so I used a clamp to keep them in place until the glue cured.

crown molding joint

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