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Kitchen Crown Molding Installation: Cornice Molding

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.]

This is the simplest piece of molding to install out the three pieces that make up our crown molding buildup.  This won’t take long to install.

kitchen crown molding buildup cornice detail

Above  I’m starting in a left corner and then working to the right.  I want to get the cornice wrapped around the air vents before I run out of energy for the day.

crown molding installation cornice

Note  I forgot to mention that I created my cornice layout lines by removing the lower detail on my crown molding model, and then held it up in place and scribed the ceiling.  I made a video of how I do the layout, and then accidentally deleted it.  Sorry.

crown molding buildup cornice

I’m starting on the left and then working right.

Making the Piece That Wraps Around the Vent

Ceilings are usually wonky above these air vents, so it’s best to assemble the pieces of the wrap on a bench and then install it as one unit.

kitchen crown molding installation cornice

I should have used my Elmers wood glue instead of Liquid Nails.

kitchen crown molding cornice installation

Hold it in place long enough for the glue to set.

kitchen crown molding buildup cornice

crown molding cornice buildup

kitchen crown molding cornice around air vent

Now you can keep working your way around the room until the rest of the cornice is installed.

kitchen crown molding buildup

I used Liquid Nails for Molding and Paneling on the cornice.

Below  When there is a slight bow in the ceiling like there is below, try not to nail so that you force the cornice into the bend, which will make the cornice look warped when finished.  Rather, leave the cornice as flat as possible and then back-fill the gap.

kitchen crown molding buildup three piece

A gap this large I usually fill with spackling so that I can shape it to fit the cornice.

kitchen crown molding buildup

kitchen crown molding buildup

kitchen crown molding buildup

If you have any energy left after installing the cornice, then let’s get started installing the ogee crown molding profile.

Oh, if you need me to clarify anything, I’ll answer any questions you might have in the comment section below.


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3 Responses to Kitchen Crown Molding Installation: Cornice Molding

  1. Michael February 17, 2013 at 5:15 PM #

    It is a true joy having found you, from your humor down, what a delight to sit here on my couch for an hour or two just reading and learning from you. You are appreciated more than you know.

    Huntington, NY

  2. Reid March 3, 2013 at 4:24 PM #

    When installing the cornice parallel to the ceiling joists, there is no guarantee you’ll have a joist to nail into. In this scenario, are you relying solely on the constructive adhesive to adhere it to the ceiling? With the cornice being only 1-11/16″ wide, I can’t imagine it’s very heavy, but I wanted to make sure. I’ve seen where people have used toggle bolts to secure the cornice, but for bigger pieces.

  3. Reid March 3, 2013 at 4:37 PM #

    When you have a long run of cornice to install, do you use scarf joints or do you just butt two ends together?

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