The Joy of Moldings

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My First Moldings

By Jennifer [This is part of Our Tucson Molding Makeover series] Now that I am the proud owner of kitchen crown molding and a lugged door casing — or “eared architrave,” a term that Ken prefers, less because it seems…

Molding Before & Afters

Before & After: Ornate Crown Molding in Master Bedroom

You may not agree with the wall color I had to paint below the ornate, three-piece crown molding I installed in this master bedroom, but you have to admit the crown is really pretty! When I suggested to my friends…

Molding Before & Afters

Before & After: The Secret to Installing Crown Molding on a Vaulted Ceiling

Here’s my not so carefully guarded secret of how to install crown molding on a vaulted ceiling. You don’t. The majority of homes built during the last thirty years consist of both traditional and contemporary design elements.  This is most…

Our Molding Makeover Updates

Kitchen Crown Molding Installation: Cornice Molding

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.] This is the simplest piece of molding to install out the three pieces that make up our crown molding buildup.  This won’t take long to install. Above  I’m starting in a…

Molding Before & Afters

Before & After: Foyer and Dining Room With Archway

We wanted whatever design I came up with for this foyer to be the same on either side of the arch.  That left only one solution — what I call a hanging entablature. All of the moldings in the Before…

Molding Before & Afters

Before & After: Fireplace Mantel with Corbels

A friend of mine bought a new condo that came with a fireplace and stone slip, but no mantel. So I made him one. It’s not an exact Federal style replica, but one that has Federal style elements.

Molding Before & Afters

Before & After: Great Room Remodel

I’m convinced most homes don’t need to be remodeled in the usual way: floor plans opened/floor plans closed; additions of unnecessary space attached; kitchen cabinets replaced with ones that cost as much as a luxury car.  Really, most homeowners are…

Molding Before & Afters

Before & After: Craftsman Kitchen Crown Molding Buildup

When wallpaper, stencils, cascading silk vines and other decorating tricks no longer satisfy your quest for the ideal kitchen, then try installing a simple set of moldings and a fresh coat of paint. That’s what we did here.  Two shades…