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All before and after pictures in the molding design gallery.

Before & After: CROWN MOLDING-103 Installation

before crown molding

[This is part of my How to Install CROWN MOLDING-103 series.]

The traditional style crown molding I installed in this boy’s room, complete with these toy airplanes hanging from the ceiling, is a classic design that’s an appropriate style for the majority of homes in North America.

But I warn you, crown molding is the gateway drug to the permanent condition of wanting to upgrade all the moldings in your home, once you see a nice three-piece crown molding like this one installed in your very own home!

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Make CEILING MOLDING-100 for c. $50.64

ceiling moldingsTraditional Style

Here’s a simple pattern you can use to breathe life into a flat or tray ceiling.

You can expand or contract the size of the design depending on your needs.

Even if you go much larger, you don’t have to increase the size of the moldings themselves or the rosettes in the corners; you could, but you don’t  have to.

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Before & After: Soffit Crown Molding and Archway

crown molding before & afterThis is one of my favorite before & after pictures I’ve ever taken of my work.

It shows you just how much potential any generic room has when you remove the builder-grade door and window trim and baseboards and replace them with layers of simple moldings.

Of course, the bold red walls against Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter trim paint help set off the whole project like taupe walls never could.

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Before & After: Air Vent Cover Upgrade

dining room before and afterI gave this dining room a top to bottom molding makeover. But what to do with those ugly, tract home air vent covers?

I couldn’t find an air vent cover that fit the opening, so I combined two to make this one long one.

Take a look.

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Before & After: Tall Craftsman Wainscoting in Dining Room

Your dining room can be set apart from the rest of the open floor plan with wainscoting.

This is the dining room/kitchen of a typical, early 1970’s style ranch home.

The challenge decorating this kind of open floor plan is: how do you decorate in such a way as to set the “dining room” area apart from the utility part of the kitchen without loosing the unity of the open floor plan?

The obvious answer is — with moldings!

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Before & After: A Large Greek Revival Kitchen Baseboard

diy mdf baseboard molding

A ho-hum kitchen corner.

Before installing the large, Greek Revival style baseboard on this outside corner of our kitchen, it was nothing more than a corner.

But now it’s a an architectural feature in and of itself!

Step by step instructions showing you how we installed and painted this historic baseboard are all right here: BASEBOARD-110.

Or you can read more about our kitchen molding makeover here: Our Kitchen Molding Makeover.

Or read about our whole townhouse project at Our Molding Makeover.

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Before & After: Great Room Fireplace Mantel with Overmantel

how to build a diy fireplace mantel

Nice crown molding above, but not so nice fireplace mantel below.

Big is no substitute for a lack of the proper details that make up all the parts of a fireplace surround.

This one is missing capitals and base on the fluted pilasters.

In addition, the frieze is disproportionately tall and the crown molding is too weak for the size of the mantel top.

But this is the kind of thing a builder asks the trim carpenter to install — even in expensive homes like this one — only because it can be built in an hour or less (read, cheap).

But after I installed a large, three-piece crown molding in this great room, the home owners were ready and willing to install a new fireplace surround.  Take a look at what I came up with.

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Before & Afters: Picture Rail Molding in Foyer

picture rail molding

The bland, white wall with experimental red paint.

This is the wall that introduced Jennifer to the joy of moldings.

Every time she came or went she passed this vast expanse of white wall.

I told her I’d paint it whatever color she wanted, and if she didn’t like how it turned out, I’d just paint it again, and again and again until she’s absolutely in love with the foyer wall.

Her idea was to paint it a bold red, and my idea was to install a picture rail molding so she could easily rearrange her artwork when the mood struck her.

Do you like how it turned out?

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Before & After: Craftsman or Victorian Window Valance Box

window valance cornice box

Mom and Dad’s window sans the puffy, 1980’s style fabric valance.

When my mom and dad asked if I’d like to paint their small, tasteful bungalow, I couldn’t resist adding a few moldings at the same time.

Mom, a talented seamstress, was going to throw away her old fabric window valances she made, and so I made her these Craftsman style valance boxes to replace them.

I painted the valance frieze a slightly darker taupe color than what I put on the walls.

Those of you who are better with color than I am, so just think of all the other color combinations you could come up with for the valance box.

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Before & After: Craftsman & Victorian Style Crown Molding

ranch home craftsman remodelEarly 70’s ranch homes were fashioned after the post-modern architectural ideals of the time.

Lucky for us that means they’ve left us with millions of rooms so ill-defined of any kind of style that now you and I can come along and impose on them our own decorating style with ease.

The world is full of “blank slate” rooms like these for us to decorate!

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Before & After: Valance Box Frieze Painted Medium and Dark Cameo Blues

painted window valance cornice box

Do you like the valance box all white?

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series]

Jennifer thought she’d like the frieze painted the same blue as the kitchen walls, and the ornate onlay painted white.  So I painted them for her.

Which one do you like better?

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Before & After: Large Kitchen Crown Molding

crown molding buildup in large kitchen

A kitchen with high ceilings like this needs a crown molding that doesn’t look wimpy.

The reaction you want when people look up is, “Wow, look at the crown molding!” not “Hmm, crown molding.”

I think we achieved the wow-factor we were looking for in this large kitchen.

About the Room

  • The period style is Victorian.
  • Ceilings are 9′ high
  • The crown is made from stacking four separate pieces of molding.
  • The baseboard is made from stacking three pieces together.
  • Molding paint color is Benjamin Moore’s, White Dove, #OC-17.
  • Wall paint is Benjamin Moore’s, Muslin.

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Before & After: Adding Moldings to a Wall Niche

hallway wall niche with no moldings

A bland wall niche.

Everything you put in your niche — flower, statues, found-art objects — will look prettier when they are framed with moldings!

They are so easy to decorate with some simple moldings from your local lumber yard, and are especially suited for adding a few ornate architectural details, like this one.

The trick to decorating a wall niche with moldings is to treat it like a window surround.  The only thing extra I added to this one that you wouldn’t add to a window surround is the 3-1/2″ tall baseboard molding on the bottom inside.

If the paint job the painters did on this hallway wasn’t so sloppy, I would have taken pictures of the finished niche.

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Before & After: Oak Wainscoting on Stairs

wainscoting on stairs oak

Left side of split staircase.

This was the first and last stain-grade molding project I ever installed — oak wainscoting on a split-level staircase.

All of the these pictures show the wainscoting I installed before it was stained and sealed by some very talented painters.  When they were finished, it matched the old oak baseboard and wainscoting perfectly.

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