Merry Christmas!

Moldings are for the people inside the home, not for the home itself. Last week I drove through the historic farming community of Yale, Michigan, and stopped into the Red Dog Cafe (Google Map) for a bite to eat. Inside the…


Oh Joy! No More Ads on TJOM!

For the last couple of months I’ve been removing, one by one, the Google ads I put on the pages on The Joy of Moldings. They served their purpose for a time, but that time is now over. The ads have given me…

DOOR TRIM, Uncategorized

Historic DOOR TRIM-117 in Almont, Michigan

Traditional Style, c. 1850 I was driving to my sister’s house in a rural part of Michigan, when I spotted this Greek Revival door surround on the front of this abandoned farmhouse. I’ve seen this house before, but today is…

Our Molding Makeover Updates, Quick Tips

Quick Tip: The Unifying Coat of Primer

The Importance of Priming Even Pre-Primed Moldings [This is part of my How to Paint Moldings series.] Even if all of the flat-stock and moldings you installed come from the factory coated in primer, you still need to apply a final,…