Victorian Style, 1902 This tall, painted wainscoting is located in the foyer of Arizona’s oldest and continuously operated hotel, the Copper Queen in Bisbee. It is about 52″ high and painted this interesting two-tone paint scheme. The moldings inside the…

Consumable Materials

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue

I use this to glue those really small pieces of moldings together. The trick to getting a secure bond between your two mitered faces is to allow the first smear of glue to soak into the exposed end-grain.   The second…


How to Build VALANCE BOX-103 Part 3: How to Apply Appliques Using a Steam Bath

This is the traditional method for installing compo appliques on a porous surface. The technique worked really well for my intended purpose of softening up these old appliques so that they would lay flat.


How to Build VALANCE BOX-103 Part 2: Preparing the Center Panel and Applique for Installation

This post shows you how I prepare this compo scroll and acanthus leaf applique for installation on this bare wood panel.

Flat-Stock Moldings, Molding & Millwork Inventory


Flat-Stock Panel This is the first time I’ll be using this pre-cut flat-stock board for a center panel for displaying an ornament. The center panel is where I’ll apply the scroll and acanthus leaf compo applique, and these compo appliques…

Architectural Ornaments

Architectural Ornament-7652

Scroll and Leaf Center Applique An applique perfect for the center of a door or window entablature (see it applied to a swan’s neck entablature here, fifth picture down), a fireplace mantel center, or a window valance box/pelmet. Applique Specifications


Miter Saw Blade for Cutting Moldings

12″, 80 Tooth Miter Saw Blade [This is part of my Molding Installation Tool Kit series.] A good blade for your 10″ or 12″ miter saw is just as important as the saw itself. Most miter saws come with a general…