Our Molding Makeover Updates

Simple updates to our molding makeover that don’t need to be linked to a pillar page.

Our Molding Makeover Updates, Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Scale Sculpting

How to Shape Spackling in Difficult Molding Corners [This is part of our How to Paint Moldings series.] The eye is naturally drawn to the intersections of moldings in corners, and so doing a really good job prepping them is…

Jennifer's Nest, Our Molding Makeover Updates

Finding Happiness in Our Local Lighting Store

Our Bathroom Light-Hunting Safari Part 2 By Jennifer Lighting our half-bath presented a Gordian knot of design challenges: limited space, basic functional requirements, and poor choices at our initial price point.  We can’t expand the bathroom and I don’t intend…

Our Molding Makeover Updates, Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Blending Molding Scarf & Butt Joints Perfectly

Using a Primer Shadow as Your Blending Gauge [This is part of our How to Install Moldings series.] When two pieces of molding don’t quite lay flush with each other, you’ll have to do some blending. This post shows you…