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Craftsman or Victorian Style Replace your old newel post with something a lot more substantial, like this one.  I made it from MDF board and molding scraps. They do take a little time to build, but are not all difficult….

Installation & Design Tips

Decorate Your Home with Moldings, One Room at a Time

[This post is part of my How to Install Moldings Series.] Let’s say you just found our blog and are still breathless after running in and out of each room thinking about all the moldings you’re going to install. But you have to…

Molding Before & Afters

Before & After: Adding Moldings to a Wall Niche

Everything you put in your niche — flower, statues, found-art objects — will look prettier when they are framed with moldings! They are so easy to decorate with some simple moldings from your local lumber yard, and are especially suited…


DIY Together the Stress-Free Way

I’ve seen a lot of relationship stress accumulate when couples tackle home improvement projects together.  As Jennifer and I started to work on the house together, we developed a plan to stave off any such unpleasantness before it got the…

Ask Ken

How Do I Build a Corbel Return?

Sean wants to know how I built this corbel return that I integrated into CROWN MOLDING-125.  It’s really easy, I’ll show you step by step.  I don’t have the installation pictures from this project, but I have something similar to…

BASEBOARDS, DIY Molding Projects, Pattern Book

How to Install BASEBOARD-100 for About $1.07/ft

Craftsman/Prairie Style I love the angular steps of this baseboard design.  It’s like Falling Water, but without the water, kind of. I based it on one of Frank Loyd Wright’s baseboards, but from which home I don’t remember.

Ask Ken

How to Transition Wainscoting Baseboard into Door Trim

Hello Ken, Thank you in advance for a minute of your time.  We love the tall craftsman wainscoting that your site shows on WAINSCOTING-100. And we currently have the same baseboards running through our entire house.  My question is as…

Reader Mail

Molding Inspiration in Austin

Ken and Jennifer, I have been following The Joy of Moldings (I left comments a few weeks ago under the name “Ryan”) for a bit now, and I just wanted to say thanks for such a great page.  It really…